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Hypnotherapy – NLP – Mindfulness

Hypnosis is not sleep – it is a heightened state of awareness. Whilst in hypnosis, most people have awareness of what is happening around them, but your mind is likely to drift and wander with my voice sometimes fading into the background. You cannot be made to think, do or say anything that you do not want to.


Psychotherapy is commonly used for psychological problems that have had a number of years to accumulate, rather than a one off problem. The psychotherapeutic approach tends to look into the deeper, more fundamental and long-standing issues.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Although we may not recognise it, every thought we have, however fleeting, indisputably affects how we feel and what we do. CBT works on the principle that very often, it is not the event which causes our emotions, but how we interpret that event.


It can be a great release to talk and share your worries, fears and anxieties – to be able to talk openly about your feelings and emotions with somebody who can really listen and understand. People come to counselling for help because they might have current troubles, doubts, fears, difficulties, frustrations and concerns that are troubling them.

I am committed to working with you in the most approachable, caring, respectful, reliable and honest way that I know. I will not make false promises; I know my abilities, limits and myself, and I will only accept clients that

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An important part of therapy is the connection between you and me, since the quality of our rapport can have an influence on how successful we are in our work together. In a nutshell, it is important that you feel

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My private consulting rooms are situated within the tranquil surroundings of Pease Pottage Golf Club, ideally situated for those attending from the Crawley and Horsham areas. For those travelling from further afield, I am just 2 minutes from M23 Junction 11.

Pease Pottage Golf Club,
Horsham Road,
Crawley RH11 9SG

Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 6.30pm, Sat 9:00am - 2:00pm

Very often, in order to have a purpose, a group will create a rival group, or an enemy. The group can then focus their attention on the rival, the enemy. They will be able to plan and strategise as to